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Together we’ll work on strategy first, which makes the design part way less painful and stressful.

Strategy is the first step to building a beloved brand, but it’s often skipped. Your brand isn’t just a logo. Working alongside you and listening to your ideas before we ever start designing helps us understand your brand. We lead your team (or just you if you are a solopreneur) through an interactive brand sprint process that uncovers your brand values, attributes, personality and voice. You can expect clear-headed, rational thinking as we explore what sets you apart. Give us a bit of creative rope and we promise the process and outcome will feel a bit magical. You’ll end up with a brand brief and mood board that will guide our collective efforts going forward. You’ll even have some fun along the way!

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Haile and her team have a thoughtful, thorough, and strategic approach to their creative process. They dig deep into a brand’s DNA to create meaningful, eye-catching and engaging assets.

Libba Osborne, Principal Leapfrog PR, Charleston, South Carolina

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Do you value great design, but aren’t sure how to get it? Maybe you’ve tried working with a designer through fivver or 99designs, or you hired your nephew to help but didn’t quite get your problem solved. It can be frustrating and difficult. Are you looking for an expert design team that is easy to work with, invested in the outcome, and has the grit and wit to get it done? Get in touch.



Ever been left twisting in the wind by a designer who “doesn’t do marketing”? In the past, you may have ended up with a bunch of files (what’s an .eps anyway?) and an unclear path forward. To make sure our work is maximized and your rollout is effective, we hire people on a project-by-project basis that we manage to help market your business.

We have partners who build websites, create social media content and manage social campaigns. We work closely with PR professionals, copywriters, videographers, photographers, printers, sign makers, embroidery specialists and other professionals in our ever-expanding network to make sure that your brand and our work goes out into the world quickly, on budget and how we both imagined it.

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