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Come work alongside our small but mighty team of 3 on your design project, a bigger agency will assign an account manager as a go-between and that’s how things get lost in translation. In contrast, we dig in and live and breathe each project while we are working on it and we’re only a call, text or email away! We are fun-loving, food-loving, dog-loving lettering nerds. We are passionate about what we do, we believe that our work builds stronger communities one brand at a time.

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Haile (1)

Haile McCollum

Haile, who earned a Human Development Degree from Vanderbilt University and an MFA in Graphic Design from SCAD, has the ability to supercharge your brand. The graphic design degree is a given for the work she does, but that other degree has been useful too, helping her become an intuitive leader, a consensus builder and a pattern spotter. She sees connections between ideas, people and design that others might miss. That’s all to say she’s confident she can help you find the way forward, and she’ll do it by crystallizing the vision you’re already forming for your business.

Lizzie (1)

Lizzie Jones

While some might call Lizzie’s position an “account manager,” she interprets the role in a broader sense. She keeps the project on task, respects timelines, answers questions, helps her co-workers build your buzz in an organized and cohesive manager, and can also remember to get fresh cut flowers for photoshoots. The evolution of your brand can be a long and sometimes soul-searching process, but Lizzie is your advocate through it all, and always ready with a pep talk if you need it and probably even some homemade peach jam if you’re really feeling down. Cheerleading is easy for her because she sees the potential of your brand in every step of the process.

Carson (1)

Carson Howse

Carson comes by her graphic design chops naturally. In fact, you can say she was born into it, her grandfather was an agency principal in Atlanta during that ultra-cool Mad Men era. She grew up around good design, and during college cemented her love for functional design so much so that she was already working in her field before officially graduating. She brings 7 years of design experience to your project, loves details and getting the width of a line just right, and taking theoretical ideas about your product and interpreting them in the swoop of a font. And although she doesn’t talk about it much, she does have an uncanny ability for non-linear thinking and new ideas that seem to pop up in linear meetings … or when she’s walking her dog Sunny.

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